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Logan, WV USA
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Last Modified:2012-02-09Entry ID:956
Garrett Ware     Duty Status:Discharged  Rank:Sgt             
Location:Seattle, WA 98119 Country:USA 
MOS:0311 Served:0  Iraq Dates:?  SN:
Boot Camp:MCRD San Diego Grad:Dec 03 Platoon:3037 
Stationed:3rd Bn, 1st Mar, 1st MarDiv, India Co., 3rd plt.
Interests:Veteran Issues, Sports, & Music.
Comments:It was a true honor holding up the reputation for 3/1. You guys made a name and we did our best to carry it over into Fallujah. Best time of my life.Served with India Co in Iraq 3/1, 3rd Plt 0311.

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