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Last Modified:2008-04-10Entry ID:80      
Joel Kernodle   DeceasedDuty Status:Disabled  Rank:LCpl    
Location:Indianapolis, In 46229-4501 Country:USA 
MOS:0311 Served:0  Vietnam Dates:01/67 to 12/67 SN:2316144 
Boot Camp:MCRD San Diego Grad:Nov 66 Platoon:2207 
Stationed:3rd Bn, 1st Mar, 1st MarDiv, India Co, 3rd Plt.
Interests:Veteran Issues, Sports , & Music.
Comments:President of DeLong Chapter, 1st Marine Division Association. Any of you can join our chapter; contact me to join and/or for reunion information. Was "permanent pointman" in AO of 3/1, known from '66 as the Butcher Battalion and from '68 as the Suicide Battalion. Our AO was described in the book THE WALKING DEAD [about 1/9 when they had our AO] as "the most highly booby-trapped place on earth. Semper Fi and welcome home.---"Permanent Pointman" during tour. 3rd Plt. 1/67-11/67. Nicknamed "Herc". Planning an India Co. reunion in Indy with Tim Johnson (also from Indy) to be September 13-14-15/01. Contact one of us for details at this time. Soon we will be posting info about it. Having trouble finding Jim Alexander, my squad ldr, Louis "Willie" Williams and many others, especially the "homes". Also "Pete" and the other rocket guys (Duane Tarbet,etc)that served with Sam Paoletti (KIA). Help! I need their original hometowns or something that would help find them. My fondest wish would be to see ALL of you and them once again, on this earth, and not have to wait til the next stop to see everyone. Semper Fi!Served with India 3/1 from 01/67 to 12/67, 3rd Plt, 0311.

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