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Last Modified:2012-02-05Entry ID:826      
Richard A. Cruz     Duty Status:Disabled  Rank:Sgt         
Location:Hughson, CA 95326 Country:USA 
MOS:0369/0331 Served:0  Vietnam Dates:66 to 67 SN:1976958 
Boot Camp:MCRD San Diego Grad:Jun 62 Platoon:233 
Stationed:3rd Bn, 1st Mar, 1st MarDiv, India Co., Wpns. Plt.
Interests:Veteran Issues, & Music.
Comments:To anyone who remembers me and you wish to contact me please do. Like to hear from you, Jandro, Guy, David Matthews, John Morris, Daly, Williams, RJ Sease, Campbell, R.E. Booker, Lt. Barry or anyone else. Forgot lots of names, been many years[sorry]. Semper-Fi my good old friends-I-CO/3/1.Served with 3/1 India Company from 66 to 67, Wpns. Plt, 0369/0331.

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